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  • Imai, K. (2018). Quantitative social science: An introduction.(Xu Y. and Zu Z., Trans.) .Shanghai University of Finance &Economics Press. 2020

Selected Working Papers

  • Logic of Selective Repression: How do Elite Purges Affect State Violence in Authoritarian Regimes? slides paper

Abstract: This paper studies how elite purges affect local officials’ repression of mass protests in authoritarian regimes. I propose a selective repression mechanism: local officials, fearing purge, strengthen repression of more threatening protests while tolerating less threatening ones so as to comply with the autocrat’s preference. Perception of purge threat affects this choice. Using data on Chinese labor protests and two-way fixed effect models that exploit temporal variation in purges across 327 Chinese cities, from 2011 to 2018, I find purges increase the likelihood of local officials’ repression of labor protests with more participants and those demanding social rights. Patron-connected officials exercise intensified selective repression due to stronger perception of purge threat.

  • When Earthquake Shocks Leviathan: How does Disaster Influence Authoritarian Rule?

Abstract: This paper employs difference-in-differences strategy identifying the causal relations between a severe earthquake in China and its government sizes. The finding sheds light on how authoritairan rule boosts after natural disasters.

  • Media, Bargaining and Repression in Chinese Student Protests.

Abstract: This paper sets up a bargaining model on how mass media affect dynamics of student movements in China based on empirical cases: Beijing 1989 Protest, 2012 Hong Kong Central Occupation Movement and 2014 Taipei Sunflower Movement. Different from current literature focusing on asymmetrical information involving in the bargaining between authoritarian regimes and social protesters, this paper emphasizes that mass media constrain the extent to which autocrats strategically manipulate information during mass protests.

Working in Progress

  • Instrumental variables in Political Science: Pitfalls and Solutions (with Yiqing Xu, Mackenzie Lockhart, Apoorva Lal)